Why Pay for Something You Can Own?

We have the secret to an affordable solar energy system and a battery back-up. Create your own energy and stop paying the electric company for something you can own.  

We give you a flat rate that never changes, your power bill will never increase. Unlike, the utility company that increases yearly, you control your energy costs. 

Get away from the monopoly of the utility  company, become self-sufficient. Create your own energy and never be left in the dark again.  

Save Money and Invest in Solar Energy

Utility rates are rising. Now is the time to go solar and create your own energy. Install solar on your home for little or no money down, and no payments for 1 year.  Protect yourself from rising utility rates.    

Electricity is measured by kilowatt-hours. The sun and your solar energy system work together to produce kilowatt-hours of electricity available  for your families usage.  Our GCE customers  usually save 15% to 35% from their previous monthly utility bills. No more high energy bills! 

Lifetime System Monitoring

Once approved we take care of all the normal upfront costs of sizing and  designing your customized system, all the necessary paperwork and permits with your local city, and installing your solar panel system.

Create the energy, without worrying about your system. GCE provides lifetime system monitoring. We give you the option to see what each panel is producing at any time.  Have any questions about it, contact us!

We offer a 25 year warranty on our products and 10 year workmanship warranty. We are there from start to finish.